What is HI-FOG® Electric Pum Unit



Advanced controls

  • The embedded control system controls the pressure in all operating states and monitors the HI-FOG® system pressure continuously.
  • During activation, the control system ensures that the pump unit provides only the required pressure and flow.
  • Pressure is optimized with an advanced software control and a frequency converter.
  • Excess water unloading is no longer needed in the operational mode, which simplifies the mechanical design.

Operational reliability

  • To promote operational reliability, the EPU incorporates many built-in redundancies.
  • Internal Controller Area Network (CAN) bus communication, embedded control system (printed circuit) boards and system pressure monitoring are duplicated.
  • Each electric motor also has individual control circuits to ensure that the unit is able to operate even if one of the motors has a malfunction.
  • The number of wear and tear components has been minimized for increased system reliability and simplified maintenance.

Optimized footprint

  • The HI-FOG® EPU consists of a modular pump skid and a separate control cabinet.
  • The unique modular structure allows the pump skid and control cabinet to be installed separately which brings more flexibility to the pump room design.
  • All service points are easily accessible for safe and efficient maintenance. Service access is needed only from two sides so the pump skid can be installed against the wall.

User-friendly interface

  • The pump user panel enables efficient and optimized maintenance activities by providing real-time status indications of the pump unit and the HI-FOG® system.
  • The user interface shows pressure trend view, alarm and help information, event history and maintenance reminders.
  • The user interface is easy to use and configurable in multiple languages.